Hi I'm Erin and I obviously like Ed Sheeran and if you like Ed Sheeran, then I like you.


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"I worked with Ed on one song, it’s probably up there with my favorites on the record. It’s called “Tattoo” and it’s a little more of an emotional song. He’s amazing; I had the best time with him. I was so nervous! I’m a big fan of his. It was a cool experience but scary too. He sat in the vocal booth with me and I was thinking “OK, Ed Sheeran is sitting here … and I’m just going to start singing, I guess!” I have a lot of respect for him, he’s so talented. I’m proud to have a song with him on my record."

- Hilary Duff talks about working with Ed Sheeran [x] (via hduffnews)

other artists: lemme hear ya!
fans: scream
ed sheeran: now this is only going to work if you stay quiet
ed sheeran: *begins singing*
fans: *scream*
ed sheeran: now what did i say can you please shut the fuck up<p>NO IT'S TRUE he did this at my show it was beautiful</p>

Oh I’m a mess right now,Inside out x


Oh I’m a mess right now,
Inside out x